Producing (2019)

  • Generalist
  • Player Support
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Manage localisation
  • Porting project
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Support the team

Communication, coordination and a shared vision is the key to a successful project and can be quite challenging, regardless of a team's size. That's when I come in. I want to make the team's life easier by empowering and supporting each member of the team the best way possible.

I worked on several porting and co-publishing projects during my time at Toplitz Productions, an Austrian video game publisher and developer. Being part of a small team meant, that I got involved in every step of game production - reaching out to developers, negotiating contracts, setting up a timeline & milestone, testing, managing localisation, providing footage and documents for age rating, providing player support, designing marketing assets and much more.